Silute (LT) town festival on the 24th-25th of May

Events cross-promotional movies: a new trend

Cross-promotion is an emerging tendency in marketing. It has lots of benefits such as shared costs or wider reach.

To check the power of this tool, Baltic Stories has prepared a cross-promotional movie, featuring events organised by the project's partners from:

▶️ Silute, Sveksna (Lithuania),
▶️ Hasselö (Sweden),
▶️ Trzebiatów, Świnoujście, Slavs and Vikings Centre (Poland).

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Let the whole Europe find your festival

Whether you organise a big, international event or a local heritage festival, use the power of joint-promotion in 45 European countries.
▶️ Register at, European festivals browser.

It's even more: apply and get a prestigious EFFE label granted by the European Festivals Association.

Festivals belonging to one of these disciplines are there:
Architecture - Circus - Dance - Design, Applied arts - Digital arts - Film - Heritage - Literature - Music - Opera - Photography - Spoken word, Storytelling - Street Arts - Theatre - Visual arts

How to promote three events in one minute?

This 1-minute video promotes not less than three culturally-embedded events in Lithuania Minor.

Interested in how to make event cross-promotion? Great! You can learn it on the free workshops on cross-marketing and storytelling that will take place in 2019 in Lithuania, Poland and Sweden. Want details? Write us.


Why Long Storytelling Videos?

Long storytelling videos, like this one, make watchers feel the climate of your event. Make interviews and put them in the video. If you produce many videos, put them in one place, for instance here.

Want to learn more on cross-marketing and storytelling on the free workshops that will take place in 2019 in Lithuania, Poland and Sweden? Ask for more details.


Video from the Slavs and Vikings Festival 2018

The BALTIC STORIES volunteers on the Slavs and Vikings Festival 2018 have shot a video! Watch it to hear voices from all over the world about how amazing time the Festival has been.

By the way, remember: next year, the Festival will happen between 2-4.08.2019. See you in Wolin!


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