Hasselörodden (Sweden)


Each year on the third Wednesday in July, about 30-40 genuine wooden boats ride from Hasselö to Fiskaretorget in Västervik. A distance takes about 4 hours, depending on the weather. The rowers gather at Hasselö in the morning, wearing clothes from the turn of the century, and then they row together to Västervik.

It has become a tradition of praise in the ancestral traces. This tour was carried out by the residents of the archipelago to sell their products on the market in the city.

When the boats arrive in Västervik, they are welcomed by the audience who wants to see a glimpse of the boats and its rowers. The city is filled with people and the rowers are celebrated with snaps when they come ashore.

In 2019, the boats will be making their cruise for the 40th time.



Westpomerania Voivodeship

Department for Tourism and Economy

Magdalena Bulikowska


+48 91 44 19 132


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