Banquet of Söderköping (Sweden)


The Banquet of Söderköping is a historical event, held every year, and focusing on the periods of the Vikings and the Middle Ages. We offer a variety of quality experiences and activities, both fun and exciting as well as educational, for everyone. The children can try the work of an archeologist and they can also try out different kinds of crafts. The Banquet ends on Sunday with a festive procession through town.

You are invited for:

• Knights with horses in procession,                • Horseshows with horses from Iceland,                • Tournaments,
     • Battle shows,                                                                • Archery shows and competitions,                             • Jesters’ shows,
          • Open stage competition for best performance,          • Lectures on the life of the knights and other subjects,
               • Medieval games and plays for children and adults,            • The Nordic music festival.


Westpomerania Voivodeship

Department for Tourism and Economy

Magdalena Bulikowska


+48 91 44 19 132


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